Product Image Item Name- Price
3151 Clutch Cable Fixture

Positions self adjusting clutch cable at transmission. Fits: Golf, Jetta, Scirocco 1985 and newer, AUDI - A2, A4, A6 Front and 4 wheel drive.

Tool : 3151
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3176 Centering Mandrel

Centers drive plate and installs pilot needle bearing. Fits: AUDI - 80, 90

Tool : 3176
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3178 Clutch Alignment Disk

Centers clutch for easy installation when assembling the clutch on the 16 valve engine. See #547 for earlier models. Fits: VW - All 16 Valve Engines ... more info

Tool : 3178
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3190A Centering Mandrel

Centers drive plate when assembling clutch.02Z, 02T, 02R, 02B, 02G, 02D. Fits: Golf, Jetta, Passat, Corrado, T4 Eurovan 1991 and newer

Tool : 3190A
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3318 Clutch Release Tool

Allows easy release of the connection between the clutch master cylinder and the clutch pedal. Transmissions 02A, 02K, 02C, 020, 02J Fits: VW - ... more info

Tool : 3318
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

416B TUBE - 26/37mm

For various press operations. Fits: All

Tool : 416B
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

547 Clutch Pilot Disk

Centers clutch on older models. Transmissions 020, 02K. See #3178 for later models. Fits: VW - 1984 to 1992 Transmissions 020, 02K.

Tool : 547
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

T10005 Clutch Release Tool

Use to release clutch when removing clutch master cylinder Fits: VW - New Beetle from 1999, Golf, Jetta (VR6) 1992 and newer

Tool : T10005
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

T10066 Haldex Clutch Filter Wrench

Used when detaching & tightening the oil filter of the haldex clutch. O2C and 02M transmission. Fits: O2C AND 02M

Tool : T10066
Manufacturer : Baum Tools



Used during assembly of the clutches in the direct shift gearbox 02E - 6 speed. Fits: 02E

Tool : T10303
Manufacturer : Baum Tools