39-Differential, Transaxle Syste

Product Image Item Name- Price
244B Drift Sleeve

Installs seals, bearings and spacers. Fits: VW, AUDI - All

Tool : 244B
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3183A Castellated Nut Socket Wrench

Use to remove retaining nut on bearing ring. Fits: 01M

Tool : 3183A
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3207 Pressure Spindle

Use to disassemble outer joints of the front drive shaft. Fits: 90, 100 1988-91, 200

Tool : 3207
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

388 Measuring Lever

Use with #521/4 and dial indicator #20 to adjust ring gear. Fits: AUDI - All, VW - Fox, Dasher, Quantum

Tool : 388
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

521/4 Locking Sleeve

Measures differential backlash ring gear. Use with dial indicator #20 and measuring lever #388. Fits: AUDI - 4000, 5000, VW -Fox, Dasher, Quantum

Tool : 521/4
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

B2169-24BL DSG Transmission Filter Wrench

DSG Transmission Filter Wrench 136 mm Overall Length 24mm 1/2" Drive Offset Wrench For R&I of DSG Filter on VW and Audi Common Rail Engines.

Tool : B2169-24BL
Manufacturer : Baum Tools