34-Manual Transmission

Product Image Item Name- Price
2062 Seal Driver

Installs drive shaft flange oil seal and side cover seal. Fits: AUDI - 4000, 4000 Quattro, 5000 1984 and earlier, VW - Quantum

Tool : 2062
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3104 Shift Linkage Gauge -020

Allows easy realignment of the gearshift column on cars with 5 speed transmissions 020, O2K Fits: Golf, Jetta 1985 and newer

Tool : 3104
Manufacturer : Baum Tools


3285 Shift Linkage Gauge

Use when adjusting shift and selector cables on trans. (02A). Fits: Corrado, Passat

Tool : 3285
Manufacturer : Baum Tools


391 Flange Puller

Remove and install universal drive flange on manual and automatic transmissions. See also 3109. Fits: AUDI, VW - All

Tool : 391
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

409 Punch

Press punch for various transmission, engine and axle operations. Fits: Audi-All

Tool : 409
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

T10027A Adjusting Pin

Used for adjustment of the gearbox lever on 5 speed manual gearbox 02J, 0A4, 0AF, 0AG, 0AJ, 02S, 02P Fits: AUDI - TT, VW -Golf 2005 and newer

Tool : T10027A
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

T10107A 6mm Long Allen Socket

For removing and installing right-hand stub shaft. Special tool T10107A 6mm supersedes tool T10107 6-speed manual gearbox 0A5, 4-wheel drive, 6-speed ... more info

Tool : T10107A
Manufacturer : Baum Tools


T40105 Thrust Piece

Used for renewing propshaft flange oil seal on 6-speed manual gearbox 02X, 4-wheel drive. Fits: O2X 4WD

Tool : T40105
Manufacturer : Baum Tools