35-Manual Transmission - Gears,

Product Image Item Name- Price
244B Drift Sleeve

Installs seals, bearings and spacers. Fits: VW, AUDI - All

Tool : 244B
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3059 Special Fork Adjusting Wrench

Adjusts shift fork of 5th gear and unscrews tube out of fork. Transmission (020). Fits: 5 Speed Trans. 1979 to 1985

Tool : 3059
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

3295 Oil Seal Installer

Use to install the oil seal in transmission (01F) gearbox. Fits: VW - Eurovan 01F gearbox.

Tool : 3295
Manufacturer : Baum Tools

416B TUBE - 26/37mm

For various press operations. Fits: All

Tool : 416B
Manufacturer : Baum Tools