• Tool: B1924PLUSX
  • Shipping Weight: 14lbs
  • Manufactured by: Baum Tools
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For refilling fluids such as ATF, gear oil and differential oil. PlusX kit has a 12.5 Liter capacity and can be manually pumped or operated with shop air.

1/8” NPT adapter                Ford
5/16”-24UNF adapter          Volvo
M10 x 1.00 adapter             Volkswagen
Short hook adapter             Volkswagen
Mediuem hook adapter        Volkswagen
Long hook adapter              BMW, Honda, Nissan
M18 x 1.50 adapter             Toyota
M24 x 1.50 adapter             Audi and Volkswagen with DSG
M22 x 1.50 adapter             Adui with CVT
M12 x 1.50 adapter             Mercedes with 722.9
M18 x 1.50 adapter             Volkswagen
M30 x 1.50 adapter             Audi, Volkswagen
M8 x 1.00 adapter               Nissan, Infiniti
M10 x 1.00 adapter             Volkswagen Passat
Flexible 300mm adapter      Honda, Hyundai, Kia