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We will work to match any published priceon comparable products plus we offer the technical support and guarantees unavailable through any of our competitors.

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~NEW for 2015~



Universal Hydraulic Axle & Slide Hammer Hub Extractor






70amp Power Supply/Charger





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Suspension and Fuel sender MUST HAVE tool your shop NEEDS!


Every Shop need the "CODE BREAKER" book.

2700 OBDII codes explained in datail and what to look for to fix that

annoying code you have no clue what it means like code P0420



Looking for some online training? We have Electrical Basics Using Ohm's Law, Introduction to Volkswagen/Audi OBD-II Electronic Troubleshooting, and VANOS Part 1 All On Demand. For a small price, you get 48 hours of access to one of these training videos to watch at your own leisure.


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German auto repair manuals
Built by career German Car Specialists, not engineers. Critical information you
just can't find. Guaranteed. Check out "Training & Support
" in Hot Products.

Call, fax, or fill out the catalog request form to get one!

Hundreds of special European Car tools as well as diagnostics inside.
BMW/Mini Catalog
Our most popular timing kits all in one flier
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Under Car Flier

Newest Mercedes and VW Diesel Flier

Diesel Flier

Check out our 70 amp power supply for coding


Over 6000 different special Tools in Stock.

Check out the latest Car Commando Podcast on You Tube.
This weeks subject is funny rattle noises in BMW VANOS.
Why is it there and what can we do to cure it.

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VW/AUDI, BMW and MERCEDES. Written by our technical support and training group
Each manual is a result of hundreds of training seminars over the last 10 years to German auto repair professionals around the country. These techs helped us create them with thousands of hours of feedback. These manuals will not waste your time giving you crap you already know. With several hundred pages of training, diagnostic tables, Readiness Code charts, Measured Value Blocks, and Test Drive tables these publications are guaranteed to supply more specific information for German car repair than is available anywhere.

Here is a video on the VW/Audi Data Block book 1. It should answer most questions you have about the book. Also check out Garage Spiel for any new videos or pod cast for any new tip or trick.
Check out the "CODE BREAKER" on the last page of the brochure.
It's a quick reference OBDII code manual every shop needs.


July 2015 sale items:

( must use code #B072014 to get these prices)

Multilock II Cam Lock (The real one that works) Reg $169.00 Sale $69.00

Axle Extractor - 4 & 5 Bolt Hydraulic & Slide Hammer Reg. $589.00 Sale $468.77

"Impossible hubs and axles are coming off with this tool"

Transmission Filler Kit VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Reg. $365.93 Sale $299.99

Porsche 986, 996 Timing and Piston Tool Kit Reg. $1189.00 Sale $789.45

KOKEN HAND TOOLS Japans premier hand tool manufacturer


Now there are 7 Dipsticks and the most comprehensive
mechanical Transmission fluid filler tool available
(click here for brochure) (click here for Trans.fluid filler instructions)




The worlds best threaded insert system. We stock all sizes

Click here to watch this Video to see how they are the best

~Why call Baum Tools?~


  • We're not an internet seller locked in an apartment selling junk from China.
  • We know what we're selling. Our inside sales guys are professional technicians and lifetime automotive industry guys who understand the use of the tools as well as issues shop owners and techs have each day.
  • We are a real company with three warehouses and nearly two million dollars in inventory.
  • We have answers and offer a complete technical support group when needed.
  • We resource OEM Euro car information unavailable through any of our competitors.

We will work to match any published price
on comparable products plus we offer the technical support and guarantees unavailable through any of our competitors. Just email or fax us a link to any published tool we handle and we'll match it the price. Our advantage? We are a real business with tech support and expert technicians to help make sure you get the product you need. We will still be in business if you come back with a warranty issue
"LIQUIDATION OF SPECIAL TOOLS FOR GERMAN CARS" - We're liquidating a few lines including old MATRA, PIESLER, GEDORE, HEYCO, HAZET. Other items include ORIGINAL OEM special hand tools for EARLY VW AIR COOLED, 356, 912 914 AND EARLY 911 PORSCHE. Of course, we carry all the new special tools for VW/ Audi and PORSCHE.





We stock over 6000 different special tools including VW Tools, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Volvo, Saab, Jaguar, Ferrari. We also stock the complete line of Stahlwille tools and carry the Deutronic DBL800-14. The computer controlled power supply and charging system used by German car makers to keep a reliable power supply to vehicles during manufacturing and critical programming of vehicle control units. Don't do any expensive programming without it.


Since 1993 Baum has been the leader in Diagnostic Scan Tools for German Cars with the most comprehensive proprietary coverage for Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, and Volvo. We have detailed coverage lists to prove it. We also have very comprehensive scanners that are very user friendly from the first menu.


Special VW tools and other specialty auto tools are vehicle and job specific. It's easy to order the wrong tool on line. We hear the story every day. We encourage all of our customers to shop what you need then call us. Our phones are manned by life long technicians who understand the technical issues and can help get the proper tool to you the first time.Call us at 800 848 6657.


~"Why don't we sell direct on line" or "How we avoid returns". Techs need the right tool the first time they order. Ordering the wrong special tool online is the biggest problem for our side of the industry. All wheel bearings are not the same size and Special tool X does not work on all BMW's. It's just like parts. Everything's special. Our phone guys are all very knowledgeable and have factory resources at their fingertips. We subscribe to all of the OEM information. We are not going to be the reason you have to call your customer to tell him his job is getting pushed back a few days. Let the parts guys cause that.

~ Why don't we list prices
? We are most interested in what you are working on and having problems with. We want to be part of the solution so we need to know as much as we can about what you guys are having trouble with. We also need to get the right tool to you. Talking with techs helps us stay ahead of chronic problems in vehicles and better equip us to help find the right solutions. This translates back and forth through our live technical support group "Euro-Diagnostics". We spot problems months before most. Everyone who
specializes in European cars should be a member. You can't find better technical support for European cars.

~ How can I get some real technical support for European cars? Go to our link page and hit "". Sign up and you will be in within 24 hours. It's free for 30 days. If you really repair European cars, you'll sign on.

Just some of our areas of expertise include: Audi tools, Ferrari tools, BMW tools, Jaguar tools, other specialty auto tools, European auto tools, European car tools and Mercedes tools.

~ Hours of operation We are open Monday thru Friday from 8am to 6pm EST closed Saturday and Sunday. We ship our orders out every evening if the item is in stock. We don't wait a day or two to process your orders like other big companies. Don't be shocked to call back an hour later and your order has already been shipped. 



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More vw tools than anywhere on earth. More BMW tools than anywhere on earth.
More Mercedes tools than anywhere on earth.
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