How to Choose the Right BMW Specialty Tools

The BMW is a beautiful car and the owner should be proud of this work of expert craftsmanship. These are not low-cost vehicles, and an owner has every right to seek out the best specialty tools for servicing a BMW. While it doesn’t have to be an extensive search, there are a few necessary points that have to be included in choosing the right BMW specialty tools.



An Internet search can quickly identify where BMW specialty tools can easily be found in the area. 

A few questions should be asked about the equipment and tools used to do maintenance or repair on a BMW. The owner can do a little research beforehand to find out what type of maintenance tools are most often used on BMW automobiles. Locating the right BMW specialty tools ought to be the start of a long-term relationship. Good quality is important, and customer service from the company that sold it as well as know how is important as well. Some questions to ask include what is needed to make an appointment for searching for the proper tools (refer to owners manual), how dissatisfaction with service is handled, and any references the company may have to offer. The owner of a BMW should consider not only information the tool company provides, but how he or she provides it. Those personal qualities provide evidence of an ability to be reasonable and work with the owner when it comes to servicing the BMW and the correct tools to do so.

It may seem like an awful lot of work to identify the right BMW specialty tools, but the effort is definitely worth it. A BMW is an automotive work of art; it merits a master working on it. Problems should be fixed properly, and with the correct tools. Anything less than prompt attention is simply not satisfactory. The overall objective is to have this vehicle running as smooth as silk for as long as possible. A top-notch tool used properly can make all of that happen.

BMW Specialty Tools

BMW Specialty Tools

bmw specialty tools
bmw engine using specialty germany auto tools

Car lovers know that driving a BMW is sheer driving pleasure, and the mechanics who work on them get the same satisfaction in knowing their work is making drivers happy. That’s why the mechanics we serve invest in the best diagnostic and specialty tools to repair the BMWs they service.

Using the right tool for the job makes the job easier, whether it’s a simple spark plug socket set, a camshaft timing kit, or a Valvetronic spring tool. And the result is of the highest quality. Below we’ve listed some of the best diagnostic and specialty tools designed specifically for a BMW mechanic’s pleasure.

BAVTECPro2 Bavarian Technic Pro

BMW technicians will love this diagnostic tool. The Bavarian Technic Pro is designed for professionals who work on any supported BMW models after 1994. The kit includes a six-foot USB to OBDII cable, the 20-pin adapter for round connectors, installation instructions and all future software updates. A 50-foot extension cable is available as an option.

BMW SMG Clutch Centering Tool 6/7 Speed

This SMG clutch centring tool is specially designed to centre the clutch disc on the six and seven-speed SMG transmissions found on the M5 and M6 models manufactured from 2006 through 2010.

B119220 Plus X Front & Rear Crankshaft Seal Kit

The Plus X seal kit is used to remove and install the front and rear crankshaft seals. The kit will fit most N series motors on the BMW X6 with the sDrive35i or xDrive35i designations from 2008 through 2019. It will work with a separately purchased adapter (below) on the N20 and N26 series.

2212822 Adapter for Front Crank Seal N20

This adapter is used for the B119220 Plus X seal kit (above) and the B119235 seal kit for your N20 series.

BMW Transfer Case Bushing Kit

This is a useful complete kit designed to remove and install transfer case bushings on a BMW chassis. It is compatible with select E, X, and RR models. You can call us for help and one of our BMW specialists will assist you.

14mm, 16mm 12pt Swivel Spark Plug Socket Set

These spark plug sockets are specifically designed for the removal and installation of the BMW 14-millimeter and 16-millimetre spark plugs. Both are extensions with 12-point contacts and swivel for hard to reach plugs. They also work on Mini and Mercedes brands.

BMW Shift Shaft Seal Puller

This must-have shaft seal puller is used to pull the shaft seal on the 5HP30 transmissions. It’s compatible with the A5S560Z.

B112440VK Vanos 8-Cylinder Timing Kit

Timing an engine requires precision equipment and this VANOS kit delivers. It has everything you need to set the camshaft timing on the eight-cylinder M60 engine and the VANOS timing on the 8-cylinder M62 engine. It contains camshaft locks, TDC pin, chain tensioner, VANOS valve socket, and stretch tool.

Connector Test Kit

With today’s electronic systems there are a multitude of probe connector sizes on BMWs. That’s why this connector test kit is so handy. It has over 100 connectors to safely probe out different plugs, control units, and other components.

T9A-46 Thin Open End Wrench – 46mm

Tight spaces surrounding the drive shaft requires a slim wrench to hold the driveshaft or the differential lock nut. The T9A-46 is perfect for the job.

B114280KIT N-Series Engine Timing Kit

Essential for setting the timing on the I6 N-Series 2.5-liter and 3.0-liter engines, this timing kit has everything you need. It fits the N51, N52, N52K, N54 and the N55/S55 with the add-on 114285 bar purchased separately.

Throttle Potentiometer Tester

If you’re working on late model BMWs with throttle issues, this throttle potentiometer tester is a must have. It provides quick results for common electronic faults. Simply connect to the battery terminals and the sensor signal wire to get the output voltage.

BMW Groove Nut Socket

Developed for the BMW transmission mechanic this four-pin groove nut fits the R&R slotted nut on the output flange. Its heavy-duty construction will remain in your toolbox forever. It fits the A5S310Z (5HP18 & 5HP19) series.

Diesel Fuel Pressure Meter

Fuel pressure issues on diesel engines require special diagnostics like this diesel fuel pressure meter. It’s easy to use by attaching to the battery terminals and clipping onto the car’s pressure sensor. It’s used for high-pressure CDI type diesel engines.

Resistance Substitution Box

With so many electronic parts on BMWs, you’ll want to have this resistance substitution box in your tool inventory. Now you will quickly and easily be able to test and calibrate dash gauges, fuel injection system sensors, anti-theft systems, and cruise control systems.

A/C Belt Tool

Simple and effective, this belt stretching tool will save you time while making the job of stretching your A/C belts easier. 

B113240VK 6-Cylinder Single and Double VANOS Camshaft Timing Kit

This kit will allow you to set with precision the timing on all six-cylinder camshafts, plus adjusting the single and double VANOS timing. The kit contains the cam locking tool, TDC pin, chain tensioner, lock pin, air fitting, sprocket jig, and headbolt socket. It fits M42, M44, M50, M52, M52TU, M54, M56, S50US, and S52US series engines.

B006000 BMW Engine Support Bar

Work smarter not harder with this engine support bar designed specifically for BMW engines. Two removable stands support the 1400 mm long main body in a square tube design. The supporting stands are set on the threaded hole on the upper shock absorber base for a steady platform. Universal joints on the supporting stands allow you to adjust the support bar directionally. A third adjustable support is used to keep the engine from toppling over.

Only The Best BMW Specialty Tools

No matter what BMW you find yourself working on, we have the tools to make your job easier. We have the most comprehensive OEM and after-market specialty tools in stock anywhere in the world. You can call us at 800-848-6457 to speak to one of our expert associates, or visit our website to search our inventory and order online.