What happens when Porsche Cars North America has 27 acres of land north east of the Atlanta, Ga airport? You get a playground for the Porsche enthusiast.

Porsche opened an experience center on May 7, 2015 in Atlanta after considering more then 70 locations. The city swung the vote their way due to their transportation network, skilled workforce and support from the city itself.

Porsche estimates about 30,000 guests a year will come to the center. And why not, with features like a racetrack, classic Porsches and the Restaurant 356 to offer this like a Never Land for the die hard Porsche person.

In Porsche’s words I will let them describe the track modules:

“A Porsche is no ordinary sports car. To truly appreciate what it’s engineered to do, it should be driven on a track designed to explore the depth of its capabilities. That’s precisely why we’ve constructed highly specialized facilities at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta. The centerpiece of this complex is a world-class test track and handling course featuring specially engineered surfaces which minimize tire wear, a special consideration should you choose to drive your own vehicle. The track includes areas for driving and performance training, and offers a range of highly customizable technical driving modules including:

• Dynamics Area: Test the speed, agility and lane-change performance on a large asphalt pad designed to simulate unique maneuvers you may encounter during your daily driving

• Handling Circuit: A one-mile handling course designed to mimic a winding country road with a number of corners and undulations. Here, a driver will learn the finer points on choosing the correct path when negotiating the curves and proper application of braking technique

• Low-Friction Circle: Experience the over-steer capabilities of a Porsche at the low-friction circle with its uniform inward slope and polished concrete surface

• Low-Friction Handling Circuit: A similar polished concrete surface as the Low-Friction Circle, except we introduce a series of unique, tight curves, with a mixture of various radius types on-and-off camber corners

• Kick Plate: We test your vehicle control skills when encountering a skid or spin. The kick-plate is a flush-mounted, hydraulically actuated plate placed before a wetted epoxy surface. As a vehicle travels over the plate at a safe rate of speed, sensors move the plate randomly left or right to mimic sliding that might occur during inclement weather conditions”
To appreciate the kick plate check out this video

• “Off Road Circuit: featuring a 1:1 slope, creek bed, and a 45-degree vertical descent challenge to demonstrate the expansive capabilities of a Cayenne’s off-road engineering and safety technology.

For the driving enthusiast looking to hone their skills we offer individual training with specialized Porsche Driving Consultants. For newer drivers, we will offer enrollment in programs designed to teach safety techniques for navigating today’s challenging roadways. Whether you are looking to try out the all-wheel drive system on the latest 911 or get a better understanding of car control in a Boxster, we can tailor your drive time to your exact requirements.”
Besides the on track fun there is also the:

Human performance center is there to give your mind and body a tune up.

Business center, that includes meeting rooms with support staff to combine with on track activities. Kind of gives a new meaning to a power meeting!

Driver simulator is a cost effective introduction to performance driving and racing to get the feel of a Porsche. Simulator fenders are much cheaper than real ones.

Personal design studio, truly build that one in a million Porsche with your leather and paint samples to make that Porsche “YOURS”.

After all this your need to fuel up your body
At the Restaurant 356 there is fine dining offering healthy, wholesome and modern dishes to be enjoyed.

Carrera Café is for a quick cappuccino or tasty snack. Also hot or cold beverages along with salty or sweet snacks can be found here.

Banquet, conference and box lunch services are tailored to fit your business conference needs.

With driving experiences ranging from $300.00 to $750.00 for various one and half hour sessions it beats a trip to Disney. I also see gift vouchers are available, so leave hints for that upcoming birthday or holiday.

I have attended Porsche and BMW ride and drives for dealership personal at different venues around the country, but this looks like it is a whole another world of enjoying performance driving facts