BMW Body Electronics, Volume One



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by: Angelo Campana softcover/spiral bound, 11 x 8.5 in English 297 pages, EDRBMWBODY1 Publisher: Euro-Diagnostic Resources, Inc. and Baum Tools Unlimited, Inc.Also check out our companion book: BMW Body Electronics, Volume Two BMW Diagnostics information is finally available for your shop! BMW Body Electronics, Volume One is the Diagnostic Manual we wrote for our two day BMW Body Electronics seminars. This book covers the basics of Diagnosing BMW’s, includes detailed diagnostic information for specific BMW electronic systems, and tips and tricks that will help you avoid expensive mistakes! We’ve also included upgrades and revisions based on feedback from hundreds of European specialists that have attended our professional seminars over the last five years. If you work on BMW’s, you need this BMW OBDII book in your shop library! Features: Principles of Coding & Programming ZCS Coding Principles and topology overview (One of the various coding methods) I and K Body Bus Overview and Diagnostics Electronics Throttle Body and EML Systems EWS (Drive Away Protection) Topology and Overview EWS I, EWS II, EWS III and EWS IV System Diagnostics EWS Scope and GT1 Diagnostics DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) Systems Overview DSC Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Tips ZKE III and IV Overview and Diagnostics CAS (Car Access System) Overview and Diagnostics ZAS Overview CBS (Condition Based Service) E6x Systems Service Reset Procedures for E38, E39, E46, E53, E36/5, E36/7 Aftermarket Scan Tool Use Audio and Video Diagnostics (Shortcut Diagnostics) Bus Systems Overview and Diagnostics

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