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Use to measure oil level and check length of oil dipstick guide pipe in shop.  See #120-0621 for vehicles 1988-1996. See 275-0021 for 12 cylinder engine M275. Fits: M112, 113, 271, 272, 646, 647, 648


The #120-0721 dipstick fits all MB’s with the M112, 113, 137, 271, 272, 646, 647, 648, 651 engine, so the amount of the dipstick that sticks out of the dipstick tube is different from model to model since the tubes are different lengths. So, if they think it should go all the way in, like most regular cars do, and they jam it in they will bend the end. YOU need to reference a factory repair manual to get measurement.

There is no “low” or “high” mark, only a scale. this is a tool, it does not stay in the car. it is just for measuring the fluid level in the engine.

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