The amount of Volvos sold last month has increased 80.9% over the previous year, giving the company the best March sales since 2007. More people are buying Volvos and with that, more car owners will need their vehicles maintained. 

Volvos are considered to be more affordable to take care of than other luxury car brands. Volvo specialty tools are needed to effectively work on the car, providing your customers with quality care. 

If you’re a car mechanic, there are some Volvo car tools you’ll want in your shop. We’ve gathered a list of the top tools you’ll want when working on new vehicles. 

Why Do I Need Speciality Tools?

In addition to being a trained car mechanic, having the proper tools for working on used and new automobiles is essential to doing the job. Many mechanics like to have their own set of tools rather than borrowing ones from other mechanics.

If you decide to specialize in working on a certain type of car, like ones that are foreign-made, it’s important to have your own set of tools. Specialty tools will enable you to do specialized repairs on vehicles, especially Volvo repairs. 

Checklist for Volvo Specialty Tools

You can build up your basic tool kit with the types of tools that work on all vehicles, such as:

  • Needle scaler
  • Ratchet extender
  • Magnet and mirror sets
  • Spark plug pliers
  • Carbide-tipped scriber
  • Flexible sockets
  • Magnetized belt clip
  • Pick set and precision hook

Below is a list of specialty items that will make working on Volvos even easier:


Volvo Strut Tool

If you need to remove the special nut off of a strut on a Volvo, you’ll need the Volvo strut tool. Working with Volvo struts can be complicated, so you need the right tool for the job so you don’t strip any of the bolts. Using the wrong tool, like an air chisel, to tighten the built can result in damaging the wings of the nut.

Timing Kit

If you’re working on replacing a timing belt in a Volvo, you’ll want something to lock the engine. The Volvo Cam Timing Kit is designed for cars that are 8-speed automatic with a TG-81SC transmission. It is specially designed to align the crankshaft and engine camshaft position. 

Serpentine Belt Tensioner Release Tool

If you’re working on Volvos older than 1999, you should add this tool to your toolkit. You’ll need it when working with a serpentine belt tensioner to help release tension from the belt. Make sure you select a tool that has multiple heads so it’s compatible with a lot of different Volvo belt tensioners. 

This tool will make your belt changing a lot simpler and easier. 

Fuel Tank Wrench

For fuel pump removal and installation, you’ll need a Volvo fuel tank wrench. It is designed to fit certain models of Volvos and remove the fuel pump retaining nuts, including:

  • 240
  • 850
  • V70
  • V70 XC
  • C70 Coupe
  • C70 Conv
  • S40
  • S70
  • V40

Diesel Compression Test Kit

A diesel compression test kit has all of the necessary items needed to test diesel compression. Some of the older models of Volvos have diesel engines, even though they’re no longer being developed. 

This kit is a must-have for any repair shop working on vehicles. It includes a variety of adaptors and a gauge that has a snap-in lens and easy-to-read dial. It comes in a handy plastic box that keeps all your components and tester in one place. 

Jack Stands or Car Lift

If you need to stand or work under a Volvo, you’ll need a car lift or jack stands. It really comes in handy when you’re doing oil changes, so long as you don’t use a car jack that’s usually used for changing tires or wheels. 

It’ll need to have a weight capacity of around 6,000 pounds. Make sure it also has self-locking ratchets so you can operate it safely. 

Oil Filter Wrench 

An oil filter wrench is essential when doing oil changes on Volvos. The wrench will easily grab the oil filter, even the hard-to-reach ones on certain Volvo engines. You won’t need to get a lot of different ones as they work on all Volvo models. 

Socket Set and Hex Wrench

If you’re doing brake work, a hex socket set is vital. A quality set, especially in the size you need for Volvo engines, will help you be prepared for working on Volvo brakes. Also, if you’re replacing the rotor and distributor cap on a Volvo, the socket set will come in handy there as well. 

Using the Correct Tools is Important

If you’re working with Volvos and other types of cars, having the right tools to perform your job is important. Not only do you want to do your job correctly but you want to avoid causing any damage to the vehicle because you didn’t have the right tools. Invest in some Volvo specialty tools to make your job easier. 

If you’re looking for a specific tool or part and don’t see it in our inventory, contact us today for assistance.